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The London Hair Clinic has been established now for over 20 years. It was developed by one person who suffered from hair loss and quickly realized there were many people out there that took advantage of people that suffer from Hair Loss and never really showed any empathy but were more interested in a direct sales approach, taking advantage of their vulnerability in what is a very personal and private matter.

From the knowledge, passion and experienced gained The London Hair Clinic was developed and has become a very successful and growing Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Clinic that believes in providing an honest approach to hair loss. With its dedicated team of specialist and state of the art technology we can offer our clients the exceptional service and products they deserve at a very affordable cost.

The London Hair Clinic

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The London Hair Clinic

Our knowledgeable team

The London Hair Clinic provides the highest level of service and attentive care that each hair replacement client should expect and deserves. As a member of the Trichological Society (TTS), our code of conduct and integrity reflects the high standards demanded by the society.

Our achievements and specialties;

  • Certified Hair Replacement Specialists
  • Bespoke fittings and hair design
  • Trichology specialists
  • Professional wig makers
  • Hair replacement repair specialists
  • Top quality European hair providers

Our mission

The London Hair Clinic strives to make every client look and feel their best using the latest hair restoration and regrowth technologies available. The London Hair Clinic is committed to satisfaction and stands behind its hair loss products and services

Our goal

To provide comprehensive hair loss information to individuals. Once we have a clear understanding of each person’s needs we strive to perfect and present tailored options, then deliver on those options to meet the client’s expectations.

The London Hair Clinic

What our satisfied customers say

The London Hair Clinic
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Michelle SnooksMichelle Snooks
15:04 27 Oct 22
Had a very good service fromStart to finish. My daughter left feeling extremely happy with her hair piece.Nothing was to much trouble. Thank you for making my Daughters experience Wonderful. Highly recommend.
Zehra S.Zehra S.
16:48 20 Oct 22
Simone was amazing, extremely professional and very friendly. He did a great job with styling my hair and giving me recommendations on what serums and products to use for the best hair care. Highly recommend him and the products he advices are top quality. I’m super happy ????⭐️
Edward JosephEdward Joseph
15:22 01 Oct 22
Excellent service from start to finish! Really happy with the end result, looks more natural than I could have imagined. They have great attention to detail and make every cut necessary to perfect your style.10 out of 10, highly recommend.
Luke JamesLuke James
12:20 03 Sep 22
Excellent service from start to finish - extremely fast. I was undecided about going for the hair replacement system route but took the plunge ready for my graduation. From the consultation (free) through to the fitting they were very informative and made sure I was happy at every step before proceeding. Upon completion you're provided with products for taking care of your hair system which is a great help. In regards to the system itself, its hard to believe they can look so good & real. Those I've shown and told can't believe it isn't my own hair. It's helped immensely with confidence - thank you! Looking forward to going back.


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Frequently asked questions

After visiting with our certified image consultant they will go over your hair loss and expectations then perform a complete Hair and Scalp Evaluation. This will lead to them describing the best-customized solution for your specific hair loss needs.

No you do not. A hair system is to be treated like your own hair. You sleep in it, shower, work, play sports etc. and can leave it on for up to 4-6 weeks at one time without having to take it off.

This is a miss conception for most regarding hair systems. Our hair systems are made from high quality material and the bonding methods we use or suggest to use allows you to wear your system without worrying at all about it coming off, even in gale force winds your system will stay on.

What makes us different is that we have experienced hair loss ourselves and also wear hair systems. We have been taken for a ride by other Hair Replacement companies and fed many lies. At the London Hair Clinic, we are honest and genuine. Our systems are of higher quality and the hair we use, we obtain it ourselves so that we can stay in control of ensuring our systems are only made from the finest quality of human hair. Also we have patent technology that allows us to exactly replicate your scalp, head contour and hairline in order to make a hair system truly bespoke and custom made to you.

The short answer is no. As technology advances so do hair systems. Hair systems are now made from the finest quality material, which mimics your own hair and hair direction. Our stylists then create a perfect blend and cut which allows the system to look like it is your own hair.

Many of our clients have come from other Hair Replacement studios as they believed they were being treated poorly and to be seen like a number rather than a person.

At the London Hair Clinic our consultants have experienced this also which is why we ensure that we actually listen and care about our clients. We welcome anyone that wants an honest approach to hair systems and who wants to be treated with respect rather than just a number.

The hair will become a part of you and there are no limitations such as swimming showering or doing all the activities that you would normally take place in the best part is nobody will be able to tell you’ve had anything done.

You can have your hair back in as little as one week.

The treatment works best on those with thinning hair and pattern baldness caused by a hereditary condition. The treatment will not work on everyone, and it is unlikely to work on those with very little to no hair.

An individual treatment typically takes 20 minutes; a treatment program over a period of one year is recommended.

You can expect to see visible results from low-level light therapy within 12 to 24 weeks of continued use of 20-minute sessions twice a week or 40-minute sessions once a week. Results will vary from individual too individual.

Best suited for people with diffused hair loss, people who are starting to experience thinning hair or have a receding hair line.

This is a non-invasive laser treatment that does not burn or cut the skin. It has been used successfully in Europe for over 30 years and has no known side effects.

FUE is less invasive and leaves no linear scar in the donor area. However, this advanced procedure may take more time to complete and be more of an investment than the standard type of hair transplant surgery, FUT.

The results from both FUE and FUT are permanent, meaning you can grow your own hair back, but additional, ongoing maintenance is recommended after FUE to protect your investment and help you keep the hair you still have.

The key considerations that determine your candidacy for FUE are the extent of your hair loss and having enough actively growing, healthy donor hair on the back and the sides of your head. Properly identifying the cause of your hair loss is also necessary and only a medical professional can provide that diagnosis. Because of the differences in the way men and women lose their hair, men are often better candidates for surgical hair restoration than women.

FUE is a great option for people who like to wear their hair short. It’s also ideal for those who’ve already had a hair transplant procedure and are looking for more density.

FUE is a routine, outpatient procedure. Depending on the number of grafts you need or want transplanted, your surgery can last 3-8 hours and you can expect to go home the same day. Often, people return to work or their normal activities the very next day. With FUE, you may experience minimal redness and swelling that should subside within a few days to a week. In addition, your hair will be shorter due to the donor area needing to be clipped.

A physician will meet with you before your surgery, answer any questions you may have and review your expectations from FUE. Photos will be taken of your hair and the physician will mark your scalp with a surgical pen to identify the specific areas needing coverage.

Following your FUE procedure, the physician will examine your scalp and post-surgical instructions will be given to you. Pain medication is available, as needed, to alleviate any temporary discomfort. Your scalp may be slightly red or swollen and, as your skin heals, you’ll likely see scabs and experience some itching, just like you would with any minor wound. Based on the normal hair growth cycle, you’ll start to see your new, transplanted hair grow in 3-4 months. You can expect a full head of hair to grow in within 9-12 months after your surgery.

Only a medical professional can diagnose the type of hair loss you have, and that’s an important consideration in determining your candidacy. Typically, men experiencing genetic hair loss make the best candidates for FUT, but the procedure may also work for women. It’s also critical to have your hair loss examined by a physician to ensure you have enough healthy donor hair actively growing on the back and the sides of your head for a successful procedure. Often, men are better candidates than women for FUT because of their predictable pattern of hair loss. If you’re between stages I-IV on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale of men’s hair loss, you’re likely a good candidate for FUT. Schedule your consultation today to determine your candidacy.

FUT is a one-day outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll go home the same day as your surgery. Typically, your FUT procedure would take between 3-8 hours, depending on the number of grafts you want or need. Many patients return to work or their everyday activities after 1-2 days, with minimal restrictions. Some redness and minor swelling may occur right after the procedure, but will subside within a few days to a week.

You’ll consult with your physician prior to your FUT surgery to answer any questions you may have and review your expectations. Photos will be taken and the physician may use a surgical pen to mark your scalp.

After your surgery, the physician will examine your results and provide post-operative instructions. Pain medication is available based on your personal level of comfort. Immediately after surgery, your scalp may be slightly red or swollen, but that will diminish in a matter of days. You’ll likely have some scabbing as your skin heals, like you would with any other minor cut, and you may experience some itching. For the vast majority of FUT patients, scarring is minimal and easily covered by the hair growing above and around the scar.

In 3-4 months, you can expect to see your newly transplanted hair starting to grow, based on the normal hair growth cycle. You can expect full results 9-12 months after your surgery.

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Our recognition

The London Hair Clinic’s successful accomplishments within Non-Surgical Hair Replacement have been recognised by some very highly reputable reviewers like the BBC – “The One Show” and a video feature carried out by the Guardian.

The Institute of Trichologists and The Tricholigical Society have all reviewed and recognised The London Hair Clinic as a place “That provides exceptional service and products to those suffering hair losses”.

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