Coming to terms with losing your hair can be very stressful and the process of opting for a hair replacement can be a huge step. A lot of men get confused, in terms of knowing what to look for, since there are different types of hair replacement options, such as wigs, hairpieces (toupee) and hair systems. These terms are often used mistakenly, and without the knowledge, it can be almost impossible for people to know the difference between them. Here is a brief explanation to highlight the difference between a toupee hairpiece and a hair system.

A large portion of statistics show that by age 35 around 40 percent of men will experience male pattern baldness, which is usually when they choose to address it. At our hair clinic, we meet with numerous men who would prefer not to go through the course of hair transplants or surgical hair substitutions, so we offer a workable solution that works without having to go under the knife.

So we ask, is a hairpiece the same as a hair system? The most appropriate response is NO. A hair system and a hairpiece are two totally different things.

A toupee or a hairpiece invokes all kind of images such as the badly fitted toupees on elderly men that have been the brunt of much silly comedic commentary. Hairpieces are regularly mass created, factory line made wigs that are awkward to wear and that surely trick nobody. The hair used is regularly sub-quality human hair or synthetic hair that can give off an unnatural look.

On the Other Hand, a hair system is an awesome choice for any individual who is experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or a large degree of male pattern baldness. Not at all like an ordinary hairpiece, a hair system is made bespoke for you. The base of the piece is made by taking a mould of your scalp, so the size and shape of area of loss is perfectly covered by the system and the blend between this and your own hair is flawless. Our hair systems feature a super thin breathable base that is custom fitted for a lightweight, barely detectable feel on your head. All hair used is 100% virgin human hair, matched to the colour, movement and texture of your own hair.

What we provide at LHC

Our clinic professionally chooses the highest quality of natural human hair keeping in mind the end goal to is to match up to your own natural hair or the desired look you want. With a huge choice of colours, textures, wave patterns, thicknesses, and lengths of hair, we can create a hair system that definitely coordinates your personalised vision. Additionally, hair systems provide an imperceptible, regular, and extremely reasonable result. The system gives you the option to brush the hair away from your face, part it any way you like, and most significantly looks just as if the hairs are growing from your own scalp. The best part is that with a hair system, you are not constrained in terms of your everyday life activities. You can live life to its full potential, without limitations or the dread of losing your hair in a windstorm. Our system is intended to withstand work out, running, sports, work activities and many other relevant everyday movements.

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