The thought of transitioning to wearing a hair system can be extremely daunting for most individuals and not to mention highly embarrassing at the prospect of relying on a hair piece. The feeling that it may be noticeable, un-natural is most likely to put most people off. In fact, the whole aspect of non-surgical hair replacement will frighten anyone who may not have enough knowledge about hair systems.

Although hair systems are not widely discussed and may be considered taboo, in recent years they have become increasingly more popular with both genders and more so with male clients. The increasing popularity is down to the new-found confidence and lease of life that a simple hair system can provide. Most people have expressed how the transition has transformed their life for the better, and now view life from a positive way. The purpose of this article is to inform individuals on how to maintain a hair system and how it will affect your everyday lifestyle activities.

Will my hair system stay on forever?

Although the idea of having a hair piece last a life time seems ideal for most clients, this notion is unrealistic. The reasoning behind this is due to the simple fact that everything is relative to the individual, meaning life styles vary which then impacts the durability of the hair system.  The prospect of investing in a hair system can be expensive and personal to the individual which therefore means that caring and maintain the hair system is not an option and should be taken seriously. To avoid feeling disheartened about your hair piece it is very important to understand the time and effort it takes to care for it, which in turn avoids dissatisfaction in the long term.

In an ideal world, the hair system would be able to withstand anything but still maintain its original condition, however, this again is not practical. The hair systems are made from virgin human hair and therefore should be treated in the same way. There are many questions and fears surrounding hair systems, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether the hair piece will fall off during everyday activities such as swimming, being in the sun and wearing a hat.  These are perfectly normal questions to ask before investing in a hair piece, and having a consultation is the perfect opportunity to open about your concerns regarding hair systems in the consultation.

Can I exercise with a hair system on?

Once you have your system bonded on, it is advised to wait 24 to 48 hours before exercising, for the bond to set. Therefore, your body temperature needs to remain cool. The waiting period is recommended to avoid getting your head wet, swimming, psychical activity or anything that will involve your body releasing excessive sweat or an increase in your temperature. This is a concern for individuals who work out on a regular basis, and the length on which their bond lasts will have a significant difference.

Swimming is also not an issue, however excess exposure to chlorine can damage the system, which is why wearing a swimming hat is highly recommended for further protection.

So, what problem will you face, in terms of getting your hair system wet?

As explained previously once the hair system bonding has passed the setting stage (meaning it feels solid, tight with no obvious lifting) the hair system can then be exposed to water and is fine to get wet. It is recommended to avoid regular exposure to heat and steam, therefore washing the hair daily can cause great damage to the hair system. The issue is not so much the water, but the actual heat and steam from washing the hair and regular exposure will cause the bond to soften temporarily and then once your body returns to the original state, the hair system will reset again.

Having said this, most people tend to have a rebond (The system is take off, washed the retreated) every four weeks and by this time, the bond will naturally form. However, the speed of the breakdown varies for everyone due to the uniqueness of the body chemistry and the chemical makeup of the adhesives that are being used. There is not an actual way to determine which adhesives work for you, without trying. However, the specifications of the adhesives can help you to work out which adhesives you require. For example, some adhesives are waterproof or water based, where as some are more appropriate for people who have allergies.

 The biggest question to ask is, will it fall off?

One of the main concerns people have regarding hair systems is whether they fall off, once the bond starts to breakdown. The simple answer to that question is No. The prospect of having your hair system fall off is mortifying, but you can be assured that if it slightly lifts, it will not come off completely.

It’s now time to fight off all your hair loss anxiety. Firstly, we recommend that the best way to overcome this is to seek professional advice. To get all your questions, worries and enquiries answered!

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