So, you’ve made the choice to go ahead and join the world of hair replacement by ordering a hair system. Great! You may think the big decision is over now, but it has only just begun. Choosing the right type of hair that will be used to make your hair piece is crucial in not only giving the most realistic look and feel, but also ensuring the longevity of the piece.

The ethnicity you choose for your hair system will depend on your own heritage, skin tone and hair colour. But within these different categories of hair (Indian, European etc.) there are two qualities of hair to consider, virgin hair and processed hair.

Virgin hair (in hair systems) is hair that has had absolutely no chemical processing, and is in the same condition as when bought from members of the public through our programme Hair Harvest. The hair still has the cuticle intact, meaning it behaves like normal hair that is growing from your scalp. It has movement (if desired) and doesn’t have a false look or shine. Virgin hair lasts the longest as it will not deteriorate in quality like processed hair.  The natural shine and texture of the hair will remain throughout the reasonable life of the hair system.

Processed hair is entirely different. Processed hair is usually bought/taken from temples in Asia, or sourced from hair that has been thrown out from hairdressers etc. The hair starts as very dark to black hair, is stripped of its cuticle, bleached, coloured to chosen colour and then coated in silicone. Not only will the silicone wash off leaving a very dry hair underneath, the colour will also fade to a yellow or orange. Once the chemicals have stripped away (only a few washes after being fitted) the hair becomes very hard to manage and will need replacing around every 2-3 months if you’re lucky! Most clients don’t get even that amount of time from a processed hair system, and if they do, the months are filled with problems.

At The London Hair Clinic, all of the hair used for our systems is guaranteed to be virgin hair. We never process our hair, and it is only coloured if desired by our clients. This ensures that our client’s hair always not only looks amazing, but also feels amazing, and allows for our clients to go about their life with a great head of hair and full confidence!