Hair loss is a problem that many people are grappling with. Both men and women can start losing hair owing to a variety of reasons. From genetics to medication and age-related factors, all these can cause hair loss. The good news is that you can be proactive to prevent hair loss. Prevention is always better than cure. Every person can employ preventive measures for a healthier crown.

One of the best strategies is to incorporate foods that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss in your diet. In addition to giving you a healthy hairline, these foods will also promote overall wellness. This article gives you some hair loss prevention diet ideas that work.

Enrich your diet with Vitamin A

Vitamin A is critical to promoting hair health. It actually works like a natural conditioner to give you shinny and moisturized hair. This way, you will discourage hair breakage; retaining your hair volume. There are many sources of Vitamin A; including carrots and sweet potatoes. These foods are not just great for hair; but they also provide you with more health benefits. Adding carrots and sweet potatoes to a healthy balanced diet will indeed give you an edge to keep hair loss at bay.

Tap into the goodness of dairy products

Dairy products like eggs, milk and yogurt promote the growth of thick healthy hair. These foods are rich in proteins, Vitamins B12 and B7 which are vital for hair health. In addition, they come with essential nutrients like zinc, iron and Omega-6 fatty acids. All these elements play a huge role in giving your hair the right boost for better growth. Therefore, make eggs and other dairy products part of your daily diet. In moderation, these foods will help prevent hair loss.

Embrace green leafy vegetables like spinach

Spanish can be called a ‘super food’ when it comes to boosting growth of hair. This food is known for its high iron content. Iron deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss. In this regard, spinach is the right food to add to your diet. Spinach is also rich in protein, Vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, calcium and some omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with spinach when you are looking to maintain healthy attractive hair.

Make oats part of your diet

Oats are known to have a wealth of health benefits. With high fibre content, they are excellent for the digestive system. Oats are also rich in zinc, iron and omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients are vital in promoting the health of your skin and hair. A bowl of oatmeal in your breakfast will help you tap into the benefits. This is also a tasty treat to add to your diet.

Consider adding shrimp to your diet

When you are looking for a healthy alternative source of high quality protein, shrimp is an excellent choice. Thankfully, this food contains high concentration of zinc and Vitamin B12. These are the nutrients that help boost healthy hair growth preventing hair loss. Chicken is another great alternative to add to your diet. Rich in proteins and other nutrients, you will keep hair loss away. Vegetarians can consider peanuts and tofu for optimal hair health.