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For over 20 years The London hair clinic has helped countless individuals by obtaining information about hair loss and finding a personalized solution to fit each individual’s needs. our hair loss professionals will provide you with information on hair loss and on your individual solution, they will present all options and solutions available for you to make an informed decision. Our consultation is absolutely free and there is no obligation.

As part of our consultation, we will provide a microscopic evaluation of your hair and scalp, this determines the best customized solution for you. Once you move forward we will conduct an in-depth microscopic evaluation to establish your baseline hair loss. We then will follow up with evaluations throughout your hair loss journey to track your treatments progression.

The London Hair Clinic offers options and solutions for everyone in any stage of hair loss we even have easy financing options available. To book a consultation, request a callback or find out more about our consultations please complete the form and one of our hair loss experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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