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The London Hair Clinic is at the forefront of the Hair Replacement industry and has revolutionized the industry of Hair Replacement by providing non-surgical hair replacement to clients suffering from hair loss in all its various forms. We provide hair systems, which are individually tailored to suit every type of hair loss, and lifestyle and our highly experienced staff will provide sound advice on all of this. We have patent technology that allows us to mimic your scalp, head contour and hairline in order for us to create the ultimate realistic non-surgical form of hair replacement.

Our aim is to ensure you leave our clinic feeling totally amazed at your new transformation.

Hair Loss?

Hair loss can have a large affect on an individual's quality of life. Premature hair loss can have ageing affect on a person's appearance, often resulting in people lacking confidence in the way they look. As such, it impacts people's social and professional lives.

In worst-case scenarios it can lead to depression.

Our Recognition

Our distinguished reputation within non-surgical hair replacement has been recognised by such esteemed reviewers like the BBC and the Guardian. In addition we have been recognised by The Tricholigical Society, The Institute of Trichologists and The Alopecia Society as a place that provides exceptional service and products to those suffering hair loss.

What we offer?

  • Free Consultations so we can gain an understanding to your hair loss needs and requirements
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Only the highest quality of Hair Replacement techniques available on the market today
  • Ethically sourced hair of the highest quality allowing us to be in complete control of ensuring our hair systems are made from only the best quality hair available.
  • Allow you to achieve the full desired result of a full head of hair were you can sleep, shower, swim, play sports and live with it as you normally would, just as if it was your own hair (which it now is)
  • Highly expert team of stylists that can give you virtually any hair styles you like.
  • Help, support to clients that have had any bad experiences from any previous Hair Replacement clinics
  • Total and complete customer satisfaction

Hair Systems Gallery

Our systems are designed so you can sleep, shower, swim, exercise as normal without taking the system off. We can also create any hair style you desire. Check out our hairstyle gallery below to see if there is a hairstyle you would like.

The Guardian Review:

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Before & After Photos

Anthony Miller, Sky Presenter

"As a Television presenter, my image is everything. The London Hair Clinic have given me my life back"

Jonathon Webster, Hair Replacement

I can't believe how good i look. I only wished i'd done this years earlier"

Female Hair Loss

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