Hair Replacement Pricing

European Hair Bespoke Pieces

European Hair bespoke pieces start from £780. The price difference is due to the fact that Asian hair is easier to source and more readily available. Most Hair replacement companies out their use Asian hair and then dye it to match the various colours of a Caucasian male's hair. The quality of the hair once dyed to your colour reduces the quality significantly as over a short time the colour begins to fade and loose its elasticity.

With European hair we source our own European hair and locate the exact colour match in its natural colour, thus the hair can last for over a year without showing signs of wear and tear.

Asian Hair Bespoke Pieces

Asian hair bespoke pieces start from £700. The hair we use is virgin hair, hair that has not been dyed or over processed and thus retains its colour and shine for so much more longer than any other type of hair available on the market today

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