Hair Replacement Technology

Hair replacement has come a long way from back in the days when they were referred to as Wigs. Men’s hair Wigs and Toupees were a term to describe a hairpiece that was not made bespoke or custom fitted to a client’s head shape and size. In fact Men’s wigs and toupees were very detectable and had to be taken off every night, you could not sleep or shower in them and generally made from artificial hair. They were also not seamlessly blended in with your own hair thus giving a very detectable look by sight and touch
Wigs and Toupees for men have come a long way in technology. They are now known as Non Surgical Hair Replacement or Hair Systems.

At The London Hair Clinic we take pride in ensuring that we continue to lead the way in hair replacement solutions and techniques. The technology we use is of the highest standards available on the market today and all aspects of creating a custom made hair system from the creation process, construction of the materials used, knotting techniques and the quality of the hair we use are all developed in order to ensure that the client will receive a hair system that will be completed to perfection.

Mens Hair Wigs

We have developed technology that allows us to take an exact replicate of your scalp, head shape and the contours of your head. This is achieved by using a plastic derivative which when placed on the clients head takes on the contours of a head perfectly ensuring a hair system is made specifically around each individual and can sit naturally and worn comfortably on your head.

We have also perfected the way in which we knot hair into the materials we use. The hair is knotted in a way that provides the most aesthetically please results so that it can look like the hair is growing directly from your own scalp.

At the London Hair Clinic we take pride in ensuring that the quality of the hair we use to make our bespoke hair system from are of the highest grade we can find. We only purchase high quality European hair and Asian hair from individuals across UK and Europe through our very own unique “ Hair Harvest” program. Hair is donated to us via this program, we then quality check the hair and purchase it if we believe it meets our standards. This way all our clients will have hair that is unprocessed, natural in its state and for that reason the hair quality will be long lasting and feel and look amazing to touch and style.

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