Bespoke hair systems

The London Hair Clinic takes great pride in providing hair of the highest quality. Bespoke hair is a hair system that has been made and individually tailored for each and every client’s needs.

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Our superior technology

Regardless of ethnic background we have a match for you, we will discuss all options available to you considering color, texture, human hair, wave pattern and even skin color. It all starts with a Blueprint of your thinning area to ensure your new hair will blend perfectly with your existing hair and scalp; Individual specifications are considered. Our experienced consultants and expert stylist will advise you while creating your customized hair, taking into consideration your own hair type, hair color, wave patter, facial structure, we can even add in gray to specific areas of the hair we replace.

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Our goal

To provide comprehensive hair loss information to individuals. Once we have a clear understanding of each persons needs we strive to perfect and present tailored options, than deliver on those options to meet the clients expectations.

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Hair loss solutions for women

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All our bespoke hair systems are made from the highest quality European human hair that has been ethically sourced. This hair is virgin (untreated) hair; the hair types we use will be based on the sample of hair taken from you during the consultation.

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