Maintaining The Colour of Your Hair System

Are you worried the colour of your system is fading? Wearing a system comes with the responsibility of taking care as you would your own hair, particularly if it is coloured. Hair dye has been around since ancient times, so we feel it is only right to express the implications and rules that should be followed. With proper care and time, you can protect your hair system and keep it looking shiny, vibrant and luxurious.
At The London Hair Clinic, we offer and recommend all our clients to follow these simple tips, to maintain the colour of their hair system.

Are you using the right washing products on your system?

When washing your system, be sure to use a product that contains colour protecting qualities. Colour shampoos and conditioners can be purchased from us. Most colour shampoos and conditioner will cater for the different colours such as reds, blonde, brunettes and so on. These shampoos and conditioners are not hair dyes but contain ingredients that help to protect and will allow the colour to last longer.

Switching to Sulphate Free

As well as find products that are colour protectants it is also good to use products that are free of harmful salts. These are the ingredients that cause colour fading and loss of moisture. Look for sulphate- free shampoos and conditioners. these products will add shine, volume and increase the longevity of your hair system.

Turning down your hot tap!

Washing your hair with scolding hot water can strip your colour and increase the chances of it fading faster. Hot water opens the hair the hair strand surfaces. therefore, if the water is too hot, the dye will find a way to escape quicker.

Avoid shampooing your system frequently.

We highly recommend that you wash your system less often as you would your own hair, as this will help the colour last longer and maintain its overall condition. You don’t need to wash your system every time you shower, or everytime it gets wet. Shampoo is a detergent and will strip the colour faster.

The Following products are recommended:

• Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner
• Pro Touch colour maintenance shampoo

Avoiding Oxidisation

Oxidisation occurs when a chemical reaction from the sun has an ultimate effect on the colour hues in the hair, mainly when oxygen is existent and the molecules manifest to UV light.

When it comes to dyed hair, the sun can be your worst nightmare, so it is best to avoid long periods of sun exposure, as this causes damage too, which is why you might notice your hair system’s colour has changed.

You’re not excepted to stay inside or wear a hat all summer, but there are ways in which you can avoid or protect your hair system from the harmful UV rays. So if you are about to be exposed to the sun follow these useful tips.

– Invest in products that contain SPF. This can include, hairsprays, conditioners, shampoos and so on.

– If you like wearing hats, wear one to avoid sun exposure and provide extra protection.

– Use an SPF moisturizing spray to spritz your hair throughout the day.

Damage from Heated Styling

If you style your hair system regularly using heated tools such as a hairdryer, tongs or straightener. You must consider the implications and all safety precautions must be considered.

– Before using heated styling tools, you must ensure the hair is completely dry.
– You should use a heated styling protectant.

Applying Treatments after colouring

Treatments can be done at home or professionally by your stylist. Using deep conditioning treatments not only keep the system soft, it also adds extra shine and helps to maintain the colour and condition of the hair. Conditioning treatments that contain natural oils such as Argan, Almond or Coconut oil can create a protective barrier to help colour treated hair from fading.

Deep conditioning treatments can be used after every colour, which will protect the condition of the hair ensuring the increased longevity of your hair system.
For a more professional treatment speak to your stylist about the Olaplex treatment. This three-step treatment is used to work through to the molecular level of the hair, to restore health, and decrease damage, caused by thermal, chemical or mechanical factors.

So, there you have it, a few simple tips to follow to keep your hair system looking shiny, luxurious and brand new always. If you are unsure about some of these tips, don’t be scared to ask a professional advice. Here at London Hair Clinic, we can offer all advice in terms of maintaining your current hair system. We are also happy to discuss the various options, in terms of what we have to offer. Give us a call on 0207 404 6040, to speak to one of our consultants.

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