Hair Loss Prevention Diet

Hair loss is a problem that many people are grappling with. Both men and women can start losing hair owing to a variety of reasons. From genetics to medication and age-related factors, all these can cause hair loss. The good news is that you can be proactive to prevent hair loss. Prevention is always better than cure. Every person can employ preventive measures for a healthier crown. Continue reading


There are a variety of causes and reasons that can contribute to men losing their hair, however, in some situations men tend to shy away from the coming to terms with the actual reason why they are losing hair, and just blame the cause on genetics or age. This is totally wrong there are many other factors, triggers that can onset balding that most men suffering from hair loss do not realise. Continue reading

Why does the London hair clinic think it’s so important to perform an adhesive skin test on our hair replacement clients?

At the London hair clinic, we ensure and believe that all our clients who come to us for hair replacement must be informed and take the appropriate measures, in regards to skin testing. Up to 95% of men who come to us will have their hair system attached with some form of adhesive, therefore we like to we ensure that we perform an adhesive skin test before any of our services is carried out. Continue reading

Mens hair loss consultation process: The London Hair Clinic hair replacement 

For many men looking into hair replacement solutions, researching every possible fact on hair pieces online isn’t uncommon, neither is watching countless before and after videos. This may seem like the easy part, because if you like what you see during your investigation, the next step is to book a consultation to discuss your options in person. Continue reading

Self maintaining the hairline of your system – all you need to know

There are two options when wearing a hair system in terms of maintenance. A lot of clients will visit a clinic every 4 weeks or so, to have their piece removed, cleaned and reattached, and their own hair trimmed of course. The alternative, is clients can maintain their piece themselves at home, by removing it, cleaning, and reapplying the bond, only visiting a barbers to have their hair trimmed and shaped if desired. Continue reading